9 Other Ways To Say "In My Opinion" (Formal & Friendly) (2024)

If you’re wondering how to start a sentence with your opinion, you might think that only “In my opinion” is the correct choice for you. However, there are plenty of synonyms out there for you to get stuck into, so we thought we’d look into them.

Other Words For “In My Opinion”

Let’s first look through some other words for “in my opinion.” We’ll elaborate more in the coming sections.

  • As for me
  • As I see it
  • I think
  • I believe
  • It seems to me
  • If you ask me
  • In my experience
  • One might argue that
  • From my perspective

As For Me

We’ll start with the first phrase, “as for me.” This one is quite a common synonym of “in my opinion,” though it’s primarily used in a friendly or informal way. We use “as for me” to introduce the idea that we have an opinion that differs from a fact or something else previously stated.

Usually, we’d use “as for me” when introducing a new opinion that might change the context or message of the text we’re writing.

  1. Some people like chocolate. As for me, I prefer vegetables.
  2. I know sports are popular. As for me, I’m into opera.
  3. You don’t have the skills to complete the task. As for me, I do!
  4. The teachers say my class is dumb. As for me, I believe the teachers are the dumb ones.
  5. Most people drink alcohol. As for me, I hate the taste.

When we start a sentence with our opinion using “as for me,” we always have to have a statement come before it that we’re contradicting. This makes it acceptable to use “as for me” correctly. You should otherwise think about using one of the other choices.

As I See It

The next choice is “as I see it.” This one is less commonly used but is still considered a friendly choice compared to others in this list.

When using the word “I” (a subject pronoun) to express an opinion in text, we often make sure we’re writing in a friendly way. It helps us keep the writing personal for the reader, which usually works in friendly exchanges.

  1. As I see it, you can’t hang the washing out in a thunderstorm.
  2. As I see it, you shouldn’t tell other people what to think.
  3. As I see it, you need to speak clearly when talking on the phone.
  4. As I see it, you can’t have a nice thing without putting in some work.
  5. As I see it, you don’t try hard enough to get a job.

While the context doesn’t have to be friendly, we use “as I see it” to express our opinion. It might differ from what other people believe or are doing themselves, but it’s worth mentioning.

I Think

“I think” is another common synonym for “in my opinion.” We use this mostly when writing papers that might express our opinion or ask us to elaborate on why we believe something is the way it is.

The term “I think” is used formally and informally, though it’s more commonly used informally and in a friendly way.

  1. I think you’ve had enough to drink.
  2. I think you need help with that project.
  3. I think you’re perfect just the way you are.
  4. I think we could all use some adjustments to the new rules.
  5. I think these ideas work really well.

We don’t need a comma after “I think” like some of the other options. It’s mostly used to share an opinion, and multiple people can share that opinion.

I Believe

“I believe” works in a very similar way to, “I think.” However, because we’re using “believe” as the verb instead of “think,” it’s considered that the opinion is held closer to our hearts.

When we “think” about something, it’s merely in our minds; when we “believe” in something, then it’s something we hold much dearer. Either way, both “I think” and “I believe” are informal expressions.

  1. I believe you know what you’re doing in this situation.
  2. I believe you look fantastic!
  3. I believe in you and everything you’ve worked for.
  4. I believe we can get through this together.
  5. I believe in us.

It Seems To Me

“It seems to me” is the first option on this list that’s more formal than the rest. We mostly use this when expressing our opinion in writing inside business emails or essays (or something to that degree).

We are no longer using “I” as the subject pronoun, making the phrase less personal. Even though we still use “me” (an object pronoun), we aren’t using it in the same personal way. That’s why “it seems to me” is more formal than it is friendly.

  1. It seems to me that this company needs to rejig its workforce.
  2. It seems to me you’re not showing up on time lately.
  3. It seems to me that you’ve lost interest in our arrangement.
  4. It seems to me that you’ve given up.
  5. It seems to me that you’re a star employee up for promotion.

If You Ask Me

While “if you ask me” uses the same object pronoun as “it seems to me,” it should be seen as the more informal cousin to the phrase.

“If you ask me” comes with a level of uncertainty, making it less bold of a statement than “it seems to me.” Using “if” in the phrase shows that we’re sharing an opinion, and we’re not sure whether other people will agree to it. Don’t use this formally. Only use it with friends or family.

  1. If you ask me, I’ve done all my chores for the weekend.
  2. If you ask me, I don’t think you look great in that dress.
  3. If you ask me, you don’t have to come and watch the game.
  4. If you ask me, I’d tell you that I think you’re in the wrong.
  5. If you ask me, you’re trying a little too hard to win my approval.

In My Experience

Going back to our object pronouns, we’re now using “my” with the phrase “in my experience.” This is one of the most formal choices we can give you on this list. It works well in a business or educational setting when you’re writing an essay or academic paper.

The idea is the same; we’re still expressing our opinion in some way. This time, though, we’re talking about our previous experience and how that’s led to us determining our own opinion on matters.

  1. In my experience, it’s hard to find solid evidence.
  2. In my experience, you can’t go wrong by visiting a coffee shop every morning.
  3. In my experience, there needs to be more love in the world.
  4. In my experience, you can’t keep ignoring protests without punishment.
  5. In my experience, you don’t always get what you want when you ask for it.

One Might Argue That

Another formal choice is “one might argue that.” This is the most formal choice we’ll list for you here. But what makes this the most formal choice?

When we replace the word “I” with the word “one,” we’re taking away all personal levels of writing. That way, the reader focuses on the information presented and the opinion that is shared. Taking away the personal level of the phrase is the best way to use it formally.

  1. One might argue that the royal family is an unnecessary part of British culture.
  2. One might argue that more needs to be done to save the environment.
  3. One might argue that animals have feelings too.
  4. One might argue that the five-day work week has to end.
  5. One might argue that school doesn’t set children up for adult life.

From My Perspective

The last example we want to run you through uses “from my perspective.” Generally, we use this in a more formal setting, and we tend not to use this in a friendly manner. We use “from my perspective” when we want to share an opinion through our own lens (basing it on what we see in the world and what we might want to change).

  1. From my perspective, you can’t have one thing without the other.
  2. From my perspective, the Star Wars movies could have been better.
  3. From my perspective, the world is slowly dying.
  4. From my perspective, any animal that goes extinct is a waste of life.
  5. From my perspective, more realistic history lessons need to be taught at schools.

Is It Correct To Say “In My Opinion”?

Now that we’ve worked our way through all the alternatives, it’s time to look at the phrase “in my opinion.” First of all, we think it’s important to note why we’re even making this article. Why is it necessary to find an alternative for “in my opinion” when it’s a perfectly good phrase in itself?

“In my opinion” is the most commonly used way to express your opinion at the start of a sentence. It’s been used for decades in writing, and often when things like this are overused, people stop wanting to read it when they’re reading good pieces of writing.

To counter the fact that it’s such a common phrase, the best thing to do is look for different ways to say it. That way, if you’re using it formally, no one can say that they don’t like your ideas or writing because of a simple overused phrase. If you’re using it in a friendly way, none of your friends will mind if you spice up your vocabulary a little bit and try something new.

It’s worth noting, though, that there is nothing wrong with saying “in my opinion;” it’s just overused.

Does “In My Opinion” Need A Comma?

When writing “in my opinion,” many people get confused about comma placement. If you pay attention to some of the examples we’ve already provided throughout the article, you’ll see that some alternatives needed commas after them while others didn’t.

“In my opinion” should always have a comma after it because it is already a clause that needs to be broken up.

  • In my opinion, this is how you use a comma.
  • In my opinion, you have to learn grammar rules.

See how we use the comma after the phrase. That’s because “in my opinion” is already a suitable clause in itself. Nothing needs to be added to it to give it more meaning. It already has as much meaning as it needs to make perfect sense. That’s why commas are used in writing.

The same rule applies to all the other alternatives above. While “from my perspective” and “as I see it” are completed clauses and need a comma after, phrases like “I think” or “I believe” need more clarification.

In My Opinion Vs. From My Opinion

If you want to use “in my opinion” correctly, you have to use it as written. The phrase “from my opinion” is incorrect.

The word “from” implies that we are gathering the information directly from our own opinion. While this is technically the truth, it isn’t grammatically correct to say that we’re sharing an idea. Instead, we use “in” to show that the truth of our statement only applies inside of our opinion.

What Is The Best Way To Say “In My Opinion” In An Essay?

We’ve covered some good options for you both formally and informally. However, there are only a few options that you should use when you’re writing an essay if you want to keep things formal.

Essays are designed to be formal, and examiners will appreciate well-thought-out writing. That’s why you should say one of the following:

  • One might argue that
  • From my perspective
  • In my experience

You can always use something that we haven’t mentioned, where we say “in the opinion of the author.” If you’ve read through this article, you’ll see how removing the personal level of writing turns something from an informal piece into a formal piece. Using words like “one” or referring to ourselves in the third person by saying “the author” are great ways for you to show your formal side and score highly on an essay.

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