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    byJosh Yang

    July 5, 2023

    Conservative content is readily available but fact-based information is hard to find. There are posts that only draw your attention and others that teach you about things from a different point of view. For the latest conservative news content, we recommend these best conservative news sites in 2023.

    National Review

    National Review is one of the best conservative news websites and a place to go for conservative ideas, and it’s still one of the best places to learn about foreign policy. If you want to stay updated, sign up for newsletters like Political Correspondent Jim Geraghty’s Morning Jolt or Jack Crowe’s News Editor’s Roundup.

    President Biden is after your hard earn money and this is one of the best ways to keep the deep state out of your pocketbook!

    Washington’s free beacon

    The Washington Free Beacon, which was established in 2012, publishes a wide range of new material, including unique investigative journalism and biting satire. It consistently offers useful knowledge and amusem*nt, but bear in mind that it is far from impartial.


    The Federalist

    Three key themes run through The Federalist: culture, politics, and religion. They produce unique material that is more analytical than the average news site, though it also follows a conservative pattern. You might enjoy The Federalist if you enjoy reading about counterarguments as well as the main version of a tale.


    The Washington Times

    The Washington Times is a daily conservative newspaper based in Washington, D.C. that covers general interest topics with a focus on national politics. Its daily broadsheet is circulated in the District of Columbia, as well as parts of Maryland and Virginia.


    The Washington Examiner

    The Washington Examiner is a Washington, D.C.-based conservative news website and weekly magazine. MediaDC, a subsidiary of Clarity Media Group, which is owned by Philip Anschutz, owns it.


    The American Thinker

    Although the American Thinker blog doesn’t have flashy graphics, videos, or a multimedia invasion, it does have a wealth of conservative opinion material. American Thinker publishes exclusive content that can’t be found anywhere else, often from Americans with incredible political experiences, a point of view, and a keyboard. This article also encourages readers to participate in the conversation and contribute material.



    TheBlaze is a website run by multimedia personality Glenn Beck that publishes breaking news, exclusive commentary, and other independent material in a news magazine style, often with videos. This post takes pride in being patriotic and reasonable.



    The RedState blog and news source, which was created by Erik Erickson, presents exclusive and conservative opinion pieces in an easy-to-read blog-style format. Every year, the well-known organization hosts a conference at which politicians and prospective presidential candidates attempt to persuade conservatives to vote for them.


    PJ Media

    PJ Media is a website that features unique comments from prominent curators in the form of blogs and columns. PJ Media’s key objectives, according to the website, are to “defend, protect, and preserve what it did and will continue to do to make America great.”



    Twitchy, which was founded in 2012 by Michelle Malkin, identifies and highlights current news, stories, and events on Twitter, as well as the best conservative tweets related to those stories. The website has both insightful and entertaining elements. Twitchy provides all the excitement you might have in 280 characters or less if you want to hear the news before it becomes news from a conservative perspective.



    LifeSiteNews.comis a good place to go for regular news and updates on the culture of life.LifeSiteNews.comis a news and opinion website that frequently covers issues including family, religion, and equality. This post is known for highlighting pro-life advocates around the country and does not shy away from discussing hot issues such as euthanasia, stem cell research, bioethics, and abortion. The website’s goal is to “provide a more balanced and factual coverage of the community, life, and family matters,” according to its mission statement. Daily newsletters are also included with the stories.


    Most Upvoted Quora’s Answer

    People often look for Quora’s answers to know the real people’s opinion on a particular question, therefore, it is worth mentioning Quora’s top answer about the “list of trustworthy conservative news outlets” by [Alex Zorach, Political Moderate w/ mix of Conservative & Liberal Views]

    According to Alex Zorach,National Reviewis the most far-right publication I believe is worth reading on a regular basis. It is ideologically conservative, but it is not afraid to oppose or challenge Republican politicians, especially when they behave contrary to conservative values. He suggestsThe Federalistif you want an even more right-wing viewpoint (in his opinion) that is generally factually sound.

    For sources on the center-right, He recommends:

    • The Washington Times– For general news with an emphasis on US politics. For national issues, this is my go-to right-center U.S. media outlet.
    • Washington Examiner– For more in-depth political analysis and commentary, visit the Washington Examiner. I used to like this a bit more, but after the owners of this and the Weekly Standard closed down that paper, I’ve been a little warier of it.
    • The American Conservative– A wonderful ideologically conservative yet non-partisan outlet that adheres to conservative values rather than only towing the Republican line.
    • Sites in the “Real Clear” family (Real Clear Politics,Real Clear Science, etc.) – This is more of a news aggregator or forum, and it gathers content from a variety of sources, including both left- and right-leaning outlets, but I believe the bias of story collection is center-right and of high quality. When these portals connect to stories on sites I don’t normally trust (which happens from time to time), the stories seem to be more well-sourced and credible.
    • In addition, there are various regional outlets (which he explains how to find below)

    The reasonis a libertarian viewpoint that I recommend.CATO Instituteis another excellent libertarian think tank that publishes some excellent content on its website.

    He also suggests searching throughMedia Bias / Fact Check’s right-center categoryif you want to find more sources, especially regional sources. There are several regional newspapers and media outlets mentioned there, which can be useful if you’re looking for something with a center-right lean in your city. Although this platform is somewhat restricted in that it lumps all libertarian and true center-right outlets into the same group, you can read about a publication’s viewpoint on the website. They also have alist of pagesthat are slanted to the right. These listings, on the other hand, are indiscriminate, with both high and low-quality pages. You should go over them and look at the “factual news” sector as well.

    2024’s 10 Best Conservative News Sites: Research-Based Picks - NetWorth (1)

    TheFactual’s Research

    There are far more left-leaning news outlets than right-leaning news outlets in the world’s thousands of news outlets. Many people fail to find credible conservative outlets while the public seeksunbiased newsand diverse viewpoints to get the whole truth. The average newsreader will possibly infer that Fox News and Breitbart are right-wing, but both have poor credibility scores, according to The Factual (56.5 percent and 54.5 percent, respectively). So, what are the most reliable conservative news sources?

    The Factual reviewed 58,000 articles between May 1, 2020, and May 21, 2020, in order to identify the top 10 right-leaning sources that reported at least six times (or twice a week) during that time span. The top ten publications, ranked by their average Factual credibility grade, are as follows:

    2024’s 10 Best Conservative News Sites: Research-Based Picks - NetWorth (2)

    Conservative news sites keep a close eye on you

    According to one study of news sources, the average prominent right-wing platform planted 73 percent more browser cookies than the average popular left-wing site.

    Americans are gradually getting their news from sites that support their political views in an age of hyper-partisanship. However, there is more that divides the web’s right and left-leaning sides than their opposing views. According to a recent report, the fragmented online news industry’s right-wing tracks its audience even more vigorously than the left.

    Does being conservative or progressive play a role in distinguishing fake news?

    The recent prevalence of politically charged fake news and its proliferation on social media has attracted great attention and raised concern about its effects on society. Fake news, when spread by prominent people, has serious effects in many quarters.

    On March 29, 2018, US President Donald Trump falsely tweeted that Amazon was not paying taxes to state and local governments and that it was generating a large loss for the US Postal Service, causing Amazon shares to plummet. almost 8% in two days; they bounced back when a White House spokesman said: “no action was contemplated.” Fake news has an effect not only on election results but on almost all sectors of society.

    Sectors affected by fake news

    • Online Marketing
    • Gambling domain
    • Entertainment
    • Media news

    In the online domain, each site comes with a terms and conditions section. You can view this section as a binding contract between a company and a user using its services. In the case of fake news, this set of rules that each site presents can work as cancellation or suspension of a customer of using the providers’ services. For example, in the gambling domain, there are a series of conditions used to prevent any fraudulent activities. For this reason, it’s a must for a customer toknow how toread these terms and conditions so that they know beforehand how to interpret them.

    Confirmation bias

    What makes people believe fake news? Some studies have shown that people have a confirmation bias, and they tend to believe news and theories that are consistent with their a priori understanding of the problem, regardless of its veracity.

    In politics, is this bias the same across the spectrum or are there differences between people who consider themselves conservative or progressive?

    In a recent study carried out at IESE, pending publication, we tried to answer the following questions: Does political positioning affect the ability to distinguish between true and false news? Does this ability depend on the political orientation of the news itself?

    There have been some studies that examine the spread of news on Twitter. Of particular note is the study by Sinan Aral and his colleagues at MIT that analyzed 126,000 tweet threads and found that fake news reaches 10 retweets twenty times faster than real news.

    The nature of this type of study does not allow us to explore the effect, if any, of the political positioning of individuals or how close they are to the political orientation of the news.

    Our study wanted to explore precisely this by presenting 444 people with 40 headlines that included an image and a caption as shown in the figure below.

    2024’s 10 Best Conservative News Sites: Research-Based Picks - NetWorth (3)

    Of those 40 news items, 20 favored conservative views, and the other 20 favored liberal views (in the US context, liberal is equivalent to a Democratic-progressive voter). Out of 20 headlines, 10 were true and 10 were false. The actual headlines had been published in more than one reputable outlet. The fake news set was copied from some of the troll / satirical sites that generate fake stories and the researchers found that they were completely false.

    Each respondent had to subjectively rate themselves on a scale of 1 (very liberal) to 10 (very conservative) and judge the veracity of each of the 40 stories on a scale of 1 (definitely false) to 10 (definitely true).

    To study the relationship between political inclination and the tendency to believe fake news or not believe true news, we defined the accuracy of each answer based on how close its rating was to its “true” value of 1 (for false). or 10 (for true).

    For example, a precision of 10 would mean that the respondent gave exactly 1 for false news or 10 for true news.

    Since each respondent also rated himself from 1 to 10 depending on their political position, each respondent had an affinity rating for each of the 40 questions, and we could analyze how accurate people were depending on their affinity to each news item.

    We unequivocally prove, like other studies, that people tend to believe any news that is close to their political position, regardless of its veracity.

    Our results also show that people are more accurate in judging news, real or fake, which is far from their position – that is, accuracy increases with perspective, for both true and fake news.

    When examining the precisions of people with different political inclinations, the differences in the average precision are statistically significant and show that liberals are more accurate than their conservative counterparts for all news, this difference being greater in real news than in fake news.

    Those who believe in fake news

    That is, self-proclaimed conservatives are statistically less accurate (they believe fake news and don’t believe true news) in greater proportions than self-proclaimed liberals. This difference between liberals and conservatives in our experiment contradicts previous studies where this difference was non-existent.

    In the psychology literature, there are studies that show that believing in fake news is associated with dogmatism and a lack of analytical thinking.

    In parallel, a political science study shows that American conservatives (self-defined as pro-Trump voters) are more cognitively rigid, dogmatic, and less tolerant of ambiguity than liberals (self-defined as pro-Clinton voters).

    It seems that we show, in our sample, that the lower dogmatism and the greater capacity to question one’s beliefs, more accentuated in liberals than in conservatives, has a direct translation in the ability to discern false news from true news.

    We must conclude by stating the obvious: we do not judge or attempt to test whether believing a false story has any influence on how an individual votes. We simply assert that, in our sample, conservatives and liberals are different in their abilities to discern fake news from real news.

    Final Words

    We hope that by having access to quality conservative news outlets from across the political spectrum, you will be able to make more educated choices about masks, vaccines, and even what to do in a voting booth. Understanding the multifaceted nature of many topics in the news today requires considering viewpoints that both fit with and diverge from your own. In a divided world, readers like you are needed to pave the way for a shared middle ground.


    We examined the following news outlets as well and shortlisted the recommended and researched ones.

    Mississippi Conservative Daily | Mississippi News Website
    The Liberty Belle
    The Oligarch Kings
    Rainy Morning Chronicle
    Indy News
    Anonymous Conservative
    Little Green Footballs
    Conservative Daily News
    Eric Grunor
    True Conservative Pundit
    National Review Online
    Jihad Watch
    Bearing Drift
    The Political Insider
    Intellectual Conservative
    Rod Eccles.NET
    The Bohemian Conservative
    Right Wire Report
    The Conservative Guardian
    Michael J Kelly US
    The Last Best Hope
    The Liberty Loft
    Conservative Home
    Right Wing Tribune
    MichelleMalkin.com| Political Writing Blog
    Real Free Speech One
    Great Days | The day-to-day life of an empty nester.
    All Patriot News
    The Geller Report
    The Burkean Conservative | Guest Posts & Debates
    The Daily Signal
    Freedom 4 US
    The Mental Recession
    The Dissolutions
    The Imaginative Conservative
    The Daily Signal Politics
    Cosmic Matters TV | Celestial Bodies
    Young Patriot Rising
    The National Sentinel
    Conservative Book Reviews
    The Closet Conservative
    1776 We The People
    Hot Air
    National Review Magazine
    Tim talks
    The Arbitrary Blog
    The Amendments Project
    The Gateway Pundit
    Unmasking America’s Oligarchy
    Conservative Voice
    Right Variety
    Power Line
    A Conservative View from New Hampshire
    The American Conservative Politics
    Cultural Survival Skills
    The Gadsden Press

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